The Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm Inc is grateful to our Community Partners for their support of the Heritage Farm Project.

The Ellis County Museum, Inc. provided a supportive organizational umbrella to assist in the early stages of the development of the Heritage Farm and continues to offer invaluable technical and administrative support of the project. 

The Indian Trail Chapter of the Master Naturalists represents a strong and effective program partner in addressing the two-fold mission of the farm, “to preserve and to promote public awareness and appreciation of the natural and farming heritage of rural Ellis County, Texas.”

The Waxahachie Chautauqua Assembly shares our commitment to honoring and celebrating the unique and important history of Ellis County and we are delighted to plan the scheduling and theme of the farm’s major fall event to coincide with and complement the Chautauqua Assembly program.

The Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District (PGCD) was created in 2009 by the 81st Texas Legislature with a directive to conserve, protect and enhance the groundwater resources of Ellis, Johnson, Hill and Somervell Counties in Texas—an important goal that the Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm also endorses and supports.  For more information about the work of the Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District, view this video based on the PGCD Educational Trailer.

The Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm supports the mission and commitment of the Ellis County Art Association and Art on the Square in Waxahachie “to promote the appreciation, enjoyment and educational instruction of the visual arts and ensuring that the arts are an essential part of the cultural environment of the greater Ellis County area”.  The Farm hosted a plein air painting workshop at the Farm, sponsored by Art on the Square, featuring renowned artist Roger Dale Brown.    

The Creative Quilters Guild of Ellis County was created to share interest in quilts and quilting; encourage and maintain high standards of design, technique and creativity; instruct the membership in methods and techniques of quilting; promote the study of historical sources of quilts and quilting; preserve the art of quilting; and stimulate interest in quilting.  View more information about the work of the Creative Quilters Guild and their collaborations with the Rural Heritage Farm.

We welcome other Community Partners to join with us in preserving and promoting Ellis County’s important rural heritage.  Feel free to email  or call 972-937-0681 for more information.