Volunteer for Board of Directors consideration

The Board of Directors is charged with the organization and oversight of the Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm Inc.  Meetings are usually held once a month.  Persons with a keen interest in the mission of the Farm that are willing to serve in a more dedicated role should make such interest known to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Of course, not everyone can serve as a board member due to time or availability constraints, but certainly can still fulfill a vital role by serving on one or more of the committees below.  Please review the committees below to find a place for you at the Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm.  Thank you!


Volunteer for a committee

Farm House Museum

  • Plan and implement the furnishing and maintenance of the farm house as a museum.
  • Supervise and support Heritage Farm staff in the acquisition and deaccessioning of Heritage Farm holdings pursuant to the Heritage Farm By-Laws, the Board’s Collection Management Policy, and rules and procedures enacted thereunder.

Property Management

  • Develop and implement plans for the maintenance of the farm headquarters, farm project field, and native prairie natural area to carry out the mission of the Heritage Farm.
  • Arrange for repairs and restoration of the farm house and farm infrastructure as needed, with all expenses subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Programs Planning

  • Assist with organizing, publicizing, and carrying out programs, events, and demonstration projects with the Board’s approval.

Finance and Fund Raising

  • Develop long range plans for the Heritage Farm’s growth.
  • Develop endowments, grants, gifrs and investment plans for Heritage Farm funds with the Board’s approval.
  • Provide the Board of Directors at their annual meeting a working budget for the next fiscal year.


  • Solicit new Heritage Farm members.
  • Assist with general publicity regarding the Heritage Farm.
  • Send out membership renewal notices.
  • Maintain a directory of members.