Surveys of the resident and migratory bird population at the Farm were conducted by Jake Poinsett – Program Manager, Trinity River Audubon Center, on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, and December 11, 2023.  Thirty-one bird species were documented by sight and sound during each of the surveys.  A number of those species are year-round residents while the others are wintering species that utilize the various habitats located on the property. Two species in particular are Species of Greatest Conservation Need, the American Kestrel and Eastern Meadowlark. American Kestrel population has declined by 53% since 1966 and Eastern Meadowlark by 75% since 1966. Based on what was seen, there are plenty of hypothetical species that will occupy the property in crucial wintering and breeding cycles.  Subsequent surveys will be conducted to monitor the bird species and population at the Farm. Click here for a list of species observed in the most recent survey.